Membership is via assessment, dry side and wet side.

Some experience is preferred in diving or a related sport e.g. trampoline or gymnastics.

All applicants must be able to swim at least 25metres and be comfortable in deep water.


Cost of Membership

The cost of Tunbridge Wells Diving Club membership is £35 per month (via direct debit). Cost is based on one session per week and can increase if more sessions are attended.

In addition there is an annual payment of £60 for membership of the ASA,
which allows your child to compete in any competitions.

Members are expected to adhere to the
Membership Rules of the Tunbridge Wells Diving Club

Please click HERE to download the membership application form in PDF format.


Learn to Dive Sessions

£7 per session, paid in advance at the beginning of each half term.

In addition there is an annual payment of £15 for
non-competitive membership of the ASA,