Tunbridge Wells Diving Club
Rules for Divers during Training Sessions

Our aim for the diving club is to ensure that divers can learn diving skills
in a safe environment and progress at their own pace.

It is important for the safety and enjoyment of everyone that
we all adhere to the following rules:-

•  Warm ups are an essential part of all diving sessions to ensure injury is minimised and therefore all divers must ensure that they turn up on time to all sessions to ensure that they can undertake warm up before the session starts and take responsibility for their own warm up.

•  Safety First- Divers must be conscious of those around them and ensure that they only enter the water when it is safe and clear to do so.

•  Listening is key - Divers must listen to their coaches, accept what their coaches are instructing them to do and where necessary make the required changes.

•  Conduct - divers must be respectful to other divers, their coaches and fusion staff.

•  Diving is a technical sport and therefore learning basics well is of paramount importance. All divers must therefore ensure that that they participate fully in poolside work and complete all progressions when they are learning new dives, only moving on once the coach has agreed that they can.

•  Group sessions involve sharing the time of a coach and therefore divers must be conscious that coaches cannot provide individual coaching on club nights.

•  Divers must be conscious of their actions on those around them and act as role models for the sport.

•  Divers must inform coaches at the beginning of any session of any injuries that may impact on a divers ability to perform.

•  Divers should not leave whilst a session is in progress without informing the coach first.

•  Divers should enjoy the sessions and allow others to enjoy them too.


Actions as Result of Rule Breaches

•  Coaches will provide divers during a session with a warning and if poor conduct persists they may be asked to sit out for a short period.

•  Should poor or dangerous conduct persist then divers maybe suspended from 1 or more sessions.

•  If the diver is under 18 years of age then their parents will be informed of any issues.

•  If poor conduct persists then in line with the constitution of the club and ASA rules divers can be expelled from the club.


Should a diver be suspended or expelled then there will be
no refund of annual subscription of monthly fees.